2020 Surf Soccer Golf Ball Drop 2020-10-15T10:22:57-07:00

2020 Surf Soccer Club Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser

Grand Prize is $3,000!

Thank you to everyone for participating in our Surf Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser, to support our Surf Scholarship Fund! Each year we do a club-wide event to raise money for this scholarship fund, providing scholarships to allow access to all deserving kids is a core part of our Surf mission. We are so grateful to our amazing Surf families and players for hustling on our new & improved summer fundraiser!

And with that said….. Here are the winners!

3rd Place Prize: $500 American Express Gift Card goes to… Ball “Black 418” owned by Enoc D (SD Surf Academy Boys (Whitmer 2) 2013

2nd Place Prize: $1,500 goes to…Ball “Pink Stripe 115” owned by Jordan L from our SD Surf ECNLR Boys 2005 team!

The Grand Prize: $3,000 goes to… Ball “Yellow 94”.. Ava R from SD Surf Academy (Mrakovic) Girls 2013 wins the GRAND PRIZE!!!

What is a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop?

Every $10 donation we get is assigned to a numbered golf ball, and a helicopter will drop all of the numbered balls at a target hole. The ball that falls into the hole first (or is closest to the hole) will win!

There will be 3 winning balls for the following prizes:

Grand Prize: $3,000

2nd Place Prize: $1,500

3rd Place Prize: $500 American Express Gift Card


All you have to do is click the GOLF BALL DROP button on the page of your favorite Surf soccer player.  From there, you’ll be able to choose your donation amount, pay by credit card, and will receive your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE receipt and a thank you letter via email!  The fundraising thermometer for your favorite player will immediately reflect your donation, and they’ll also get an email letting them know that you supported them!

Thank you for supporting San Diego Surf Soccer!


Current Surf players: You will be receiving information on how to get started & sell your tickets this week!

All proceeds will benefit The Surf Scholarship Fund.